About Me

Carolyn’s Bio

Carolyn Miller is one of the most influential female leaders, having trained many leaders and sales executives. Carolyn is a respected leader, educator and business woman. She has opened businesses in brand new territories and sold over a million dollars in the first year. As a female leader in a male dominant world she overcame many obstacles giving her credibility she justly deserves.

As a speaker and coach Carolyn is passionate about helping people tap into their internal resources to live the life they have been placed here on the earth for. She helps people define their purpose and teaches them how to overcome the roadblocks that hold them back.

Carolyn has dynamic leadership skills which enable her to follow her intuition and make great decisions quickly and easily.

As a former Amish where female leadership is squelched, Carolyn’s message for good leadership is dynamic and inspiring. Her passion shines through as you hear her encourage and lead others in leadership roles.

Carolyn’s Purpose

I am here to make a positive impact in the life of every person I come in contact with.

Carolyn’s Mission

I bring change to thousands of lives, enabling them to live their purpose and destiny by helping them identify and get rid of blocks that keep them from moving forward.