When we go through life looking for that next moment, the next breakthrough that will answer all our questions, we fail to live in the moment here and now and we miss the opportunities right in front of us. 

I’ll use blogging as an example. I’ve wanted to blog. I’ve been told I should blog. I’ve watched others blog. But I was waiting for that moment when things would fall in place and I’d be in the perfect place for blogging, the place when things made more sense and everything was all fitted neatly together like a puzzle piece. That isn’t life. 

As long as we live here on this earth we will continue to learn and continue to grow. Never under-estimate what you have to bring to the world today. What you have will bring hope and healing to someone, and don’t we all need healing and hope? 

Step out over and above your comfort zone. Follow what is in your heart. God is putting all the pieces together and creating a beautiful picture called “Your Life”. Let it unfold before your very eyes and before the eyes of the world to see. Many lives will be touched because of your journey and you will learn you are not as alone as you thought. You will be blest and find the tools to take the next step into your greatness. 

Keep moving forward. 

Being Busy

Sometimes the duties of life make you quite busy. But in reality do the things make you busy or do you choose to be busy. Are we too busy for the more important things? Many times we think and say that we are so busy. We say it in a way that sounds like we have no choice but being busy. Being busy is partly a choice. We usually find the time to do the things that are the most important to us. So if relaxing is important to our health then we will find the time to relax.

As 2009 begins I evaluate what the most important things are for the coming year.

  • Relationships

We need relationships with people in our life. We were created for relationships and we need them for healthy living.

  • People

The best thing to invest in is people.  They will bring you the greatest returns. You can have all the money you need but without people and relationship life is meaningless and empty.

  • Health

My health is becoming more important to me as I get older.  While I live I want to be able to enjoy life and having good health will definitely make it easier to enjoy a good life.