From Goals to Success


Just take a leap of faith!

As 2009 closes and we enter a new year many people are making goals for the following year. Some people will benefit from goal making by succeeding. Others will merely make goals in hopes 2010 will be different, but in reality they don’t actually PLAN the steps needed to attain their goals. Goal making is great however there needs to be a plan of action following the goals otherwise most of those goals will be just goals alone. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The goal is the target you are shooting at. There is a span of time between where you are now and the success of your accomplishment. Some actions need to be taken in order to bring those goals into manifestation. And most importantly you need to know exactly what action needs to be taken to successfully reach the goal. The reason people are unsuccessful in reaching their goals is because they fail to plan the action steps.

Failing to plan is like shooting a gun haphazardly, missing your target, then saying, “But I was looking at the target. Stupid gun! Why didn’t it shoot right?” We know it wasn’t the gun or the targets fault. When you pick up a gun to shoot you need to have the end in mind. You’ll need to point the gun in the direction of your target and line it up aiming accurately. If you fail to aim the gun in the exact path of your target you will be unsuccessful.

Because of not successfully reaching their goals in the past, some people gave up on the whole idea of making any goals, saying it doesn’t work. The truth is it isn’t that making goals doesn’t work, but it’s because they failed to plan. It’s not the stupid guns fault. It’s because they didn’t aim accurately.


Success is easier than you think!

When you have a goal with a clear plan of action it is very attainable. So write down those goals that you had in the back of your mind. What would you like to get accomplished in 2010?

Step #1 is writing down your goals so you can see clearly what you want to do.

Step #2 is having a reason for each goal. Why is it important to you? What will it mean for you when you reach that goal?

Step #3 is being committed to reach your goals no-matter-what.

Step #4 is writing down an action plan for each goal you have. It may be an hourly, daily or weekly action.

Step #5 Get out there and do it. Make it happen. No one can hinder your success if you are 100% committed!  Plan to succeed and you will be successful. Succeeding to plan is planning to succeed.



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