See what my Raving Fans say about me

Matt M

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Carolyn Miller who, under her leadership, has served in training, technical support and motivational both professionally and personally.

From the beginning, Carolyn has given me the tools in Lehman’s terms to succeed and grow within areas that I was not initially confident with. Her passion and patience to help others grow has help propel me to opportunities with unlimited potential. Those opportunities would not exist without her help.

The hallmark of Carolyn’s character is her loyalty. Loyal to herself, others around her and loyal to the pursuit to help others be the best of who they are.

In closing, she makes the world a better place. I know daily conversations will be missed but her enthusiasm and wisdom is only one phone call away.


Laurie S

You are very compassionate, you seek to understand people and have a great way of helping people see every side of a situation. You are very kind and unselfish and go the second mile for people. You take time for others and help others whenever you possibly can , even if it is at your expense. You have a way of helping people understand what is going on inside of them and draw it out of them by asking the right questions........you are just amazing with people period and your prayers are powerful!


Bryan C

Carolyn Miller has been a huge blessing in my life, both personally and professionally. She has a true gift of teaching. Her relaxed demeanor, patience, and way of simplifying complex instructions; has given me so much more understanding in business and marketing principles, specifically in storage building and construction sales. I am also amazed at her grasp of modern technology in the marketing and advertising realm. I appreciate her constant emphasis on integrity and honesty in all business and personal relationships, and her positive coach-like attitude.


Betty T

Carolyn came into my life at a time when I was going through one of the hardest situations I ever went through. Many times I would need someone to talk to and help sort through the clutter, and she provided that safe place when I needed it. I had major trust issues but she helped me to let my guard down and open up. She is one of those few people who genuinely cared and understood without judgement, which in turn helped me with my trust issues. Her gift of helping me to open up brought things to the surface and helped bring clarity, vision and healing.