The Beauty of a Vulnerable Heart

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” ~Brene Brown

We live in an era where people consistantly put up many walls, fences and roadblocks to keep people out. We have been hurt and wounded and fear further hurt. So the easiest remedy is to block it all off. We end up with a society of many people feeling lonely and alone. That is because we are using a mechanism we think will protect us.

Vulnerabilty is to allow every part of yourself to be utterly and completely open. There is no holding back for fear of judgement or rejection. It allows you to be ‘real’ and true with who your are and every aspect of yourself. Being vulnerable is not just about showing the good parts of you, but allows you to reveal your insecurities without shame or fear.

Seldom do we consciously choose to be vulnerable. It is too difficult!

If we are truly authentic, there is a great possibility of being rejected and at the least misunderstood or labeled. For that reason most of the time we try to hide behind some sort of facade, but the truth is at one time or another the facade will go down and someone will see something about us that we didn’t want them to see. It is very difficult to know how to respond at such a time.

The most beautiful thing to experience though is complete willingness to being vulnerable.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.

It is so beautiful and authentic, it draws people in to you and allows them to open up in ways they generally don’t allow themselves to open to others.

As Criss Jami’s said: “To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.”

It takes a takes a lot of strength to allow yourself to become vulnerable. It is so much easier to close yourself off and not allow others to see the real you. But at the same time we really appreciate when we see others being vulnerable.

Being Vulnerable is much Easier when You Love Yourself

Others can see an appreciate when you show yourself some love and respect and they are drawn to you. It is tempting to love a portion of yourself and degrade another part of yourself, but true love will embrace every aspect of your makeup. Your Body. Your Spirit. Your Emotions.

Being Vulnerable Increases Your Self Confidence

It all comes from Knowing Who You Are! When you love and respect yourself your confidence level rises without much effort on your part. It consumes every portion of who you are.

Strength Comes From Inner Beauty

Inside the heart of a truly vulnerable person is a pearl of gold. It is precious and perhaps the rarest jewel to ever be found as seemingly nothing surpasses its beauty. It can’t be seen and really only felt, but the feeling goes so deep that ones see a heart that sparkles and shines.In close retrospect one sees a corner that was smashed by ill-intended words but that corner only radiates more deeply through the recognition of the core of it’s existence, knowing it is truly in deepest form the rarest of all jewels and it is so seldom found. Nothing can really crush it because the strength is being drawn from its core of inner beauty.



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